Gen. Jack Keane Bio, FOX, Age, Height, Parents, Spouse, Children, Salary, and Net Worth

Who is Gen. Jack Keane?

GEN Jack Keane is an American veteran who has been serving his country in wars and leading the united states army for a long period of time. Now, he has moved on from the field and joined the media business with Fox News as their security analyst.

Gen. Jack Keane
Gen. Jack Keane

Previously, he got a position at Academi as a senior strategic advisor where he was tasked with airing his views and perspective on things. He was also the director of defense once in his longtime career as a war hero and now chairs the Institute for the study of war.

Keane went to school and got an education. From there, he joined Fordham Campus and got a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Then. he went to Western Kentucky University and graduated with a master’s in philosophy. He is also a husband and a father with a beautiful family living in the United States. 

Gen. Jack Keane Date of Birth / Age

Keane is a 2023-80-year-old man born in 1943 in the urban towns of Manhattan, New York City, the USA. He celebrates his birthday occasion with his family on the 1st of February every year.

Gen. Jack Keane Weight and Height

Keane actual weight at the moment is unknown but we do know he stands at a height of approximately ‘5″7.

Gen. Jack Keane Parents and Siblings

Keane is originally from Manhattan, New York, and has two loving parents Elizabeth and John and a brother called Ronald.

Gen. Jack Keane Spouse / Wife

Keane and Angela McGlowan are in a happy relationship after his first wife Theresa Doyle died.

Gen. Jack Keane Kids / Children/Sons

The two are living together as a family with two wonderfully raised sons.

Gen. Jack Keane Education

Keane finished his general education and got a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Fordham Campus. Then, he studied at Western Kentucky University and received a master’s in philosophy. He also went to Army War College where he started training and learned warfare.

Gen. Jack Keane Career

Keane started off his industrious journey as a paratrooper in the Vietnam war before being recruited by the U.S army. While in the army, he was delegated duties and assignments that required a lot of attention such as the Somalia and Haiti engagements. Now, he is working for the Fox News Channel as a security analyst and contributor. Other than that, he is the director and a co-founder of IP3 International Organization and the chairman of AM General.

Additionally, GEN Jack has received many public awards and honors including the Presidential Medal of Freedom from former President Donald Trump. He has also gotten the Silver Star, the Bronze Star Medal, an Air Assault Badge, and also recognition from the other corporations.

How Much Does Gen. Jack Keane Earn?

Keane works hard and tirelessly in his endeavors, therefore, managing to earn an average salary of approximately $70,000-$100,000 per annum.

How Much is Gen. Jack Keane Worth?

Keane has a simple lifestyle and operates on his own terms, which has made him a good influence on other people and a successful person. His net worth known to the general public is approximately $850,000

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