Marsau Scott Bio, Love&Marriage: Huntsville, Age, Height, Parents, Wife, Kids, Salary, and Net Worth

Who is Marsau Scott?

Marsau Scott is an American TV star appearing in Love and Marriage: Huntsville. Scott was born on 17th October 1979 in Alabama, USA. He attended and graduated from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business.

Marsau Scott
Marsau Scott

He is the president of a general contracting company, Scholt Industries. Apart from that, he is a restaurateur and owns Blaque Cigar Lounge in Huntsville, Alabama

Marsau Scott Date of Birth/Age

Scott was born on 17th October 1979 in Alabama, USA. He is approximately 44 years old as of 2023.

Marsau Scott Height

Scott stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Marsau Scott Parents and Siblings

Scott was born and raised in Alabama, USA. He manages to keep information regarding his parents, and extended members of his family away from the limelight. We will however update this information once it’s available to the public. Marsau is the brother of Maurice Scott and Marsau is the youngest of the two. They were both cast in the show, Love&Marriage: Huntsville. Maurice later shifted his focus to Law.

Marsau Scott Spouse/Wife

He is married to LaTisha Scott. LaTisha is a commercial Real Estate Developer. She has been working in the real estate business since September 2, 2006. The couple has three children together; Marsau Jr., Maci, and Mila.

Marsau Scott Kids/Children

Marsau and LaTisha have three children together; Marsau Jr., Maci, and Mila.

Marsau Scott Education

He attended and graduated from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business.

Marsau Scott Career | Marsau Scott Love&Marriage: Huntsville

Scott and his brother Maurice have collaborated on a variety of real estate endeavors. However, his brother later turned more of his attention to the law. Because of this, he can only work on real estate projects by himself. After being chosen to appear as one of the cast members on the reality show Love & Marriage: Huntsville.

Scholt Industries, a general contracting firm that focuses on design-build, commercial build-outs, commercial strip malls, hotel construction, and federal contracting, is headed by Scott. In addition, the business renovates and builds multi-family homes. In order to manage the construction process, Scholt Industries, Inc. solicited competitive bids on projects.

From Huntsville, Alabama to Houston, Texas, the company has five locations. Scott opened Blaque Cigar Lounge on February 26, 2020. Scott and his wife held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the lounge at their Uptown plaza in Huntsville, Alabama, United States.

Along with other dignitaries, community leaders, owners of local businesses, Scott’s family, and friends, Huntsville City Council member Devyn Keith marked his presence. At the end of Black History Month, Blaque held a ribbon-cutting ceremony. However, Blaque Cigar Lounge’s grand opening ceremony was more than just the business’s official start.

Additionally, it was a celebration of Huntsville’s Northside expansion. While some might see this as a dangerous undertaking, we consider it to be an exceptionally certain undertaking. Scott told News 19: “We know what will happen in Northwest Huntsville, but what we didn’t know was that we would be a part of the day that changes it.”

Scott really wanted to provide exclusive locations that serve, treat, and respect the north side of Huntsville. The Scotts said that this is just the beginning; they are building the entire strip of buildings that are connected to Blaque and will be called Uptown.

Additionally, the couple has planned to include a brunch spot and a small business workspace for working mothers. Love and union: The lives of three successful African-American couples who join forces to revitalize the thriving city of Huntsville, Alabama, through their united real estate venture known as The Comeback Group are the focus of the television series Huntsville.

As they strive to make their project a success, the couples are longtime friends and socialites with important perspectives and personalities. The first, which aired on January 12, 2019, was Love & Marriage: Huntsville has previously finished Season 2 and is returning with the following season on the seventeenth of July 2020. The show is executive produced by Carlos King, Andrew Hoagland, and Gil Lopez for ITV America by Kingdom Reign Entertainment.

The initial Love & Marriage season: Scott had a rough time in Huntsville when his castmate from the show, Martell Holt, accused him of cheating on LaTisha with multiple women. Scott almost left the show after this incident. As per LaTisha Scott, spouse of Scott, the adoration that Affection and Marriage depict contrasts from the incessant suspects of unscripted television shows that flood with brokenness, unwarranted viciousness, and harmfulness. LaTisha stated that despite their disagreements regarding the show, they do not yell at one another or pull each other’s hair.

When an anonymous social media critic made LaTisha feel embarrassed, she had to deal with an unpleasant experience. I had no idea what to expect. There are so many vicious people. Although I watch television, I have never once visited a person’s Facebook page and commented, “I like but I don’t like your hair,” “girl, you need to get your hands together,” or “you need to do this.”

Therefore, I was unprepared for that. It was unexpected to me. “I was surprised by it,” LaTisha told the Atlanta Voice. During the series, LaTisha and her better half Scott facilitated the Scott tribe at their home for supper to partake in some family time together and observe LaTisha’s sister by marriage, Kimmi Scott’s birthday.

Soon after, LaTisha’s mother entered the room and asked Kimmi if she really supports Scott or if she was okay with the Holts because Melody and Martell Holts had arguments with LaTisha in the first season. Wanda’s behavior gave the impression that she was LaTisha’s, strong woman.

Numerous watchers of the show remarked that LaTisha ought to face her mom and prevent her from meddling in her connections. “Ms. Wanda needs to mind her own business,” a viewer wrote on Twitter. She is doing far too much in Tisha’s name. # Tisha must learn to fight for herself. LAMH”.

How Much Does Marsau Scott Earn?

He earns an estimated salary of between $60, 000 and $150, 000 annually.

How Much is Marsau Scott Worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Marsau Scott Hotel | Marsau Scott Cheating

Scott was blamed for cheating by Martell Holt during the show’s subsequent season. Marsau seemed to Martell to have crossed the line. Martell’s lengthy affair with Arionne Curry was the subject of jokes from Marsau. Since this has been a sensitive area in his presently bombed union with Tune Holt, Martell accepted Marsau was being uncaring.

Martell, therefore, desired revenge. Also, he said that Marsau had been having affairs with “20 different women” with LaTisha Scott. The accusations strained the friendship between the two couples, which was not surprising. Martell, on the other hand, would eventually retract his remarks.

Interestingly, allegations of cheating have not diminished. In point of fact, Marsau had to respond months ago when a picture of a man sleeping in a hotel bed went viral. According to the blogger The Original Straight No Chaser, Marsau was the sleeping man.

He denied this. Additionally, Marsau made fun of the picture that only showed the man’s head on the back. In any case, it looks like this all comes up on the show in the later seasons. The current LAMH season’s midseason trailer was made available by OWN.

Wanda discusses the photo with LaTisha in the preview. LaTisha then asks Marsau a few questions as a result of this. However, the most shocking moment occurs when the family gathers after her cousin Keke appears to drop a bomb.

Marsau Scott Kyra Coffey Baby

Marsau and Kyra Coffey don’t have a baby together. There are rumors, however, that Marsau has a child from an extramarital affair.

Marsau Scott Brother Mark

Mark Scott plays as the brother to Maurice and Marsau Scott on the TV show, Love&Marriage: Huntsville. He apologized for his alleged tape rumor with Ms Vanessa.

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Love&Marriage: Huntsville

Scott appears on the show, Love and Marriage: Huntsville where he casts alongside his fellow actors and actresses such as;

1. Martell Holt
2. Melody Holt
3. Marsau Scott
4. Latisha Scott
5. Kimmi Grant
6. Maurice Scott