Keith McCord Bio, KSL-TV, Retired, Age, Height, Parents, Spouse, Children, Salary, and Net Worth

Who is Keith McCord?

Keith McCord is an American retired journalist who served KSL-TV as an anchor and as a reporter. He joined the station in 1981 and served it for 39 years till 2020. Further, he has 4 and a half decades of a broadcasting career.

Photo of Keith McCord
Photo of Keith McCord

Keith McCord Date of Birth / Age

Born in the United States, McCord exact age is not known as he has managed to keep his date of birth away from the public. However, we will update the information once available.

Keith McCord Height/Weight

McCord is 5 feet and 7 inches tall on average with a healthy weight.

Keith McCord Parents and Siblings

McCord was born and raised in the U.S. He manages to keep information regarding his parents, siblings, and extended members of his family away from the limelight. We will however update this information once it’s available to the public.

Keith McCord Spouse/Wife

McCord has for a long time been keeping details regarding whether or not he is dating private. It is therefore not known whether McCord is married or not but the information will be updated once available.

Keith McCord Kids / Children

Details regarding whether or not McCord has any children are not available to the public at the moment. However, we will update this information once more details concerning this are available.

Keith McCord Education

After completing his high school education, Mccord went on to join college. After completing his undergraduate studies, he became a graduate and attained his degree.

Keith McCord Career

McCord worked for KSL as an anchor and as a reporter prior to his retirement. He joined the station in 1981 and served it for 39 years till 2020. Further, he has 4 and a half decades of a broadcasting career. Even so, he began his career when he served as a radio DJ in Loveland, Colorado. Further, his work in Colorado landed him his first TV job at KYCU-TV in Cheyenne in 1978.

“I heard Keith doing radio news in Loveland, Colorado, and my first reaction was ‘What a voice.’ Then it was, ‘Please be a good-looking man who wants to work for nothing in the 265th market. “When we met, I was so relieved,” he said. “You looked… sort of ‘actor’ good looks. You wore a suit and a tie, and I told you, ‘You could be the next anchorman in the 265th largest market if we agreed to terms.’ Well, the only term was that you would work for $800 a month, and thankfully, you agreed.” voiced former KYCU news director, Bruce MacCallum.

Afterward, McCord went on to serve in Colorado Springs at KRDO -TV prior to KSL. During his quarter-century at KSL, he has broadcasted it all. Moreover, his mustache has been his trademark for years.

I’ve had this mustache since about 1975. I originally grew it so I’d look older. Now I’m afraid to shave it,” he voiced. In April 2020, on Sunday, during his last newscast, he declared his first strategy after his retirement was to grow out his beard. Upon joining the station in 1981, he initially served as a weekend anchor alongside Don Olsen.

During a prerecorded message that was telecasted on his last day, Olsen voiced, “I have fond memories of working with you, back in the day. You are, without doubt, one of the finest that this market has ever seen.” Moreover, in his tenure, he has served alongside other co-anchors counting Carole Mikita, Holly McCullom, Jane Clayson, Shelley Osterloh, Deanie Wimmer, Lori Prichard, Brook Walker, Shara Park, and Ashley Kewish.

“I’ve had 13 co-anchor wives, as we call them, right?” Keith said. “They’ve all been great. I’ve had a ball working with them.” He voiced. On a side note, his “13 co-anchor wives” voiced

“I am ever grateful for your wisdom on story ideas, scripts, and newscasts. Some of my favorite memories are of working together on the weekends. We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Friends forever. Love you!” Carole Mikita

“You are an amazing storyteller, you were an incredible colleague and teacher to me, in many ways to me, and most importantly, a wonderful friend.”Jane Clayson

“I am proud to be among a group of remarkable women who have all co-anchored the news with Keith. We jokingly think of ourselves as Keith’s work wives, because he has a knack for making each and every one of us feel very special to him. Shelley Osterloh

“I mean, does anyone dress better than Keith McCord? No. If I wore this ridiculous orange dress, he would still have a hanky and tie to match and make us look like a news couple.” Deanie Wimmer

“That man has a tie and pocket square to match every single color you can think of. It is impressive… (Keith) is a true journalist, always striving for the truth. He has this amazing ability to make you feel like when you’re talking to him, you are one of the most important people in the world. Fifteen years ago, he did that to me when I walked into KSL as an intern. I’ve been lucky to learn from him ever since. ”Ashley Kewish

“You know how you remember the outfit you wore on the first day of school because it’s that big of a deal? I remember the outfit I wore the first time I anchored the news with Keith McCord because it was that big of a deal.”Brooke Walker

“..just remember the first time that I ever anchored next to Keith McCord on this set that I’m sitting at here. I was nervous, and I was so excited – and I literally had to pinch myself when I sat down next to him, because he has been somebody I have looked up to my entire career.”Shara Park

You’ve been more than just a colleague... been a very good friend. You’ve been with me through the birth of my children and the death of my husband. I just love you so much. I’ll see you in retirement. We won’t see you on TV, but I’ll see you.”Lori Prichard


McCord worked with KSL where he served alongside his fellow anchors, reporters, and meteorologists such as;

  1. Daniel Woodruff
  2. Tania Dean
  3. Alex Cabrero
  4. Mike Anderson
  5. Jed Boal
  6. Dan Spindle
  7. Mike Headrick
  8. Andrew Adams
  9. Lori Prichard 
  10.  Carole Mikita
  11.  Adam Eakle
  12. Andy Farnsworth

How Much Does Keith McCord Earn/Salary?

McCord approximately earned an annual salary that ranges from $100,000-$500,000.

How Much is Keith McCord Worth/Networth?

As an anchor, McCord has been able to accumulate a net worth that ranges from $1 million to $5 million.

Keith McCord Leaving KSL/ Retirement

McCord worked for KSL as an anchor and as a reporter prior to his retirement. He joined the station in 1981 and served it for 39 years till 2020. Moreover, he voiced that he will be working on his bucket list during his retirement and visiting places nationwide. Also, he is relieved of the fact that he won’t be wearing makeup and will grow out his beard.

“I am now officially starting to grow it back. I might shave it in a month, but it’s already starting.” Also, he says that he will miss the people that worked with him. feature of his career. “They made my stories better. The photographers made my stories look better. Producers made my copy sound better. That kind of stuff. They made it happen.” he voiced.

“Thank you, everybody, for watching all these years. Appreciate it. Love you. We’ll see you down the road.” He said during his final broadcast.

Keith McCord X

McCord is active on X, Facebook, Instagram and you can reach him via Email.